April 28, 2015

“I can’t quite remember how I first came to contact Dr.Herbert – it was on a recommendation a few years ago now. But what’s more important about that period of my life is that I was desperately in need of a really good psychoanalyst.

I had, in fact, consulted several other analysts before meeting Claudia. My limited understanding of myself at the time reflected the fact that my childhood and adolescence had been disastrously shaped by various forms of abuse at the hands of different institutions; I could recognise when someone was coming from a very rigid ideology. Hence my main feelings were 1) I had to find someone who was not of that background, and 2) it must be someone I could wholly trust. I found both in the person of Dr.Claudia Herbert.

In her case, I was particularly impressed by her (Claudia’s) clearly profound degree of self-analysis; what a contrast from those (I have met several!) who, jaded with listening, regard this is as just a 9 to 5 job. With Claudia I felt not only that I was making real contact, was being listened to in a highly creative way, but above all, that I was in a place of real safety when the session ended, now fully able to cope until the next session.

The feeling that these requirements all came together enabled me to work really hard in treatment, and with Claudia’s help I made great progress. I became empowered to deal with the past and this improved the present; as I gained greater control over my life and my decisions, the future became less frightening. Even without her, I shall continue to work along these lines. I regard meeting and working with her as one of the most valuable gifts life has yet brought me.”

Script writer, Producer, Director