April 28, 2015

“The loss of my mum was one of the main factors of me coming to you.  That and the pending divorce! Mum’s death was like a time bomb going off and in the subsequent two years me (and my dad) just sort of managed to get our legs and arms back onto our bodies.  And in the process do a lot of thinking – as much as you can through the foggy brain you get when one is shocked and traumatised.

But with huge gratitude to you I have managed to get an understanding of the complicated relationships and feelings that went with “being in my mad family”.

We figured it out together and I put the floating jigsaw pieces of experience /emotion/feeling together to create a clear picture.  It made sense to me.  And that was key.

I have become calmer, clearer and ….perspective has re-entered my life which has helped with balance.

Thank you Charlie”

Recent client seeking help overcoming bereavement