April 28, 2015

“Claudia’s approach is unique, intelligent and highly effective, weaving together wide-ranging approaches in the holistic way I desperately needed after struggling with ineffective, over-medicalised systems and attempts at treatment. Suffering from complex trauma that had not been recognised by GPs or specialists, and being a ‘highly sensitive person’ means I needed a transpersonal therapeutic approach that takes into consideration other dimensions of our existence, and sees post-traumatic growth and transformation as a pathway and as an imperative.

I feel substantially stronger and more confident since starting therapy at ODC, and my sense of self has expanded to see my experiences and feelings as understandable and ‘ordered’, not a series of meaningless sufferings under the umbrella term of ‘disorder’. It has meant so much to me to be able to express my spiritual side during treatment, and for this component to be such a powerful and real tool in my gradual healing.”

Project Leader, Health Sector