November 4, 2015
Emergency Service Professional

Life changing. 2 words that are often both over used and incorrectly used.

Through the unassuming front door, up the stairs to be welcomed by Clare, then on up to Claudia’s now familiar room.

Sink in to the big leather sofa again……. safe.

In July 2014 I was diagnosed with chronic and severe post traumatic stress and clinical depression. I had been in the emergency services for 25 years and exposed to many very serious incidents during that time, but of those incidents, a handful were so horrific that I was unable to forget, process or come to terms with them.

I had reached rock bottom. I was unable to continue. The future looked uncertain.

I had tried to continue to work whilst seeing therapists supplied by my employer, however, the therapists themselves admitted that my condition was beyond their level of experience. Through a fortunate set of circumstances I was eventually seen by a psychiatrist, not something you ever think you’ll need!!!, but a turning point for me.

When I arrived at Claudia’s door I was sceptical. Weird is a word I used many times during my sessions with her, but sink in to the sofa, listen to every single word that she says, put your total trust in her and begin to rebuild your life.

My treatment has included, amongst other things, EMDR, I have learned techniques that I can use, as and when I need, to help me through my day to day life and on in to the future.

There was a stage when people asked me “can you see the light at the end of the tunnel”, I would always answer, “I’m not even at the tunnel yet’. It does feel like that when you don’t know where to turn, who to ask or when you don’t even recognise what you’re actually suffering from.

I’ve now been through the tunnel. There is light at the end of it.

Thank you Claudia.

Life changing.

Emergency Service Professional

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