Overcoming Traumatic Stress – 2nd Edition. A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Overcoming Traumatic Stress 2nd Edition - dealing with how ptsd occurs, symptoms of ptsd, ptsd case study and ptsd treatments

The newly released 2017 2nd edition, having been significantly revised to reflect modern advances in trauma therapy. Written by expert trauma therapists, this accessible self-help manual takes those affected by specific traumatic events on a journey of recovery and healing, based on the latest psychological research and advances in trauma therapy.

This revised edition contains:

  • Clear explanations of the symptoms of trauma
  • Guidance on seeking specialist psychology help
  • Step-by-step recovery programme
  • Practical advice, tested exercises and useful summary check-points
  • Effective, integrative trauma-healing techniques for body, mind and soul
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Living Confidently With HIV – A Self Help Book For People Living With HIV

Living Confidently With HIV Book

The newly revised 2016 edition of ‘Living Confidently With HIV – A Self-Help Book For People Living With HIV’, is now available on Amazon Kindle, as an I-book, or as a paper-back from Blurb.

This is an invaluable book for those who have HIV or are close to someone who does. It explains with clarity the medical side of HIV, and discusses how to improve your quality of life and sexual well-being whilst living with HIV. It provides help in accepting the diagnosis, adjusting to HIV, and finding positive ways to move forward. Containing many helpful testimonials from people living with HIV, the book comprehensively covers a wide range of issues important to those living with HIV, such as medication, sex and relationships, disclosure and much more. The book has been written by Clinical Psychologists in the fields of Sexual Health & HIV, Mental Health, and Stress & Trauma, based on many years of experience, research, and work with people living with HIV.

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Calatonia: A Therapeutic Approach that Promotes Somatic and Psychological Regulation

Calatonia Book Cover

A curated collection of essays and works by a range of authors providing a deep insight into the principles and applications of Calatonia. Contains a chapter on Calatonia and Subtle Touch in the Healing of Trauma written by Dr Claudia Herbert

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Dr Herbert has also edited a self-help series for adolescents and books on CBT with chronic fatigue, resolving relationship problems and living positively with HIV+.

* Understanding your Reactions to Trauma was the first ever therapeutic self-help and education booklet written on trauma and PTSD in the UK. The booklet pioneered the move to demystify trauma and help the public to gain a better understanding of and control over their PTSD symptoms and suffering. It was selected as one of The Times newspaper’s Top 15 Self Help Books in 2013.

Understanding your Reactions to Trauma was distributed to 30,000 survivors of the Turkish Earthquake in 1999. It has also been translated into Japanese, Polish, Spanish and German.