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Psychology for Business is a specialist area of our service dedicated to bringing psychological approaches into business to help improve performance and effectiveness at senior management level.

Current business environments are fast-paced, competitive and lean. Survival within a global market economy requires senior management and organisational leaders to cope with continual change and unpredictability. Such environments don’t lend themselves to time for self-reflection. Demands are multiple, decisions required instantly, leaving the feeling of being in constant ‘fire-fighting’ mode, making it a challenging and exposed experience to be part of today’s management and leadership elite.

We offer two different services to support senior management and people in leadership positions of all types of organisations in the private and public sectors, including multinational overseas organisations. Both services are entirely confidential and take place either online, at our comfortable premises in Stroud or we can hire a comfortable room in an appropriate setting near you (especially if you are requiring for this work to take place abroad) and meet you there. Both services are bespoke and tailored to the unique requirements of each individual or the organisation.

Executive Coaching

One of our services, which we simply refer to as Executive Coaching, is designed to help you deal more effectively with specific leadership or management-related issues that you are encountering as part of your role and responsibilities.  This service helps you to review, evaluate and change your performance or approach in relation to specific issues that are challenging for you in your role. It enables you to take time out in order to problem-solve in a relaxed and comfortable environment, where you can focus solely on the issue(s) you want to explore.  Our role is to facilitate your process drawing on over 20 years’ experience of working with managers and business leaders and blending this with our deep and profound knowledge of the psychology behind people’s functioning, performance and well-being.  The benefit of this service is that it can provide you with a totally new perspective on whatever issue you are grappling with and enable you to come up with different solutions and ways forward, derived from a totally objective facilitation process.

Executive Development

To get something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

– Claudia Herbert

The other service we offer to our business customers is Executive Development. This is aimed at senior managers or business leaders who feel ready to delve a bit deeper and want to explore and get to know themselves and the way in which they operate from a psychological perspective. This work helps you evaluate where you are in your professional and personal life and enables you to remove personal blockages which may be affecting your performance and functioning in life. People who have engaged in this work have usually experienced this as hugely rewarding as it has enabled them not only to enhance their professional performance, but also had a very positive effect on their personal well-being.

Please contact us if either of these services are of interest to you and you want to explore this further.  Cost estimates can be provided and will depend on the complexity of the issue and the time and resources required.  Additionally, we charge for preparation time, use and evaluation of testing materials, travel time, mileage and subsistence if needed.  For work taking place outside our premises or travel abroad we may need to undertake particular security checks.  We ask high profile VIPs who want to engage in this work to be responsible for making their own security arrangements if necessary.

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