Our philosophy is to provide a service which is committed to personal growth and development, for both our clients and us, as professional therapists.

We believe that in order to be effective therapists, we need to feel enthusiastic about and committed to the work that we do and we place a lot of emphasis on creating a pleasant, supportive and stimulating working environment. Our service is committed to helping people strengthen their own inner resources in order to enable them to live their life in a positive and functionally healthy way. We operate from a Positive Psychology framework, where we try to avoid diagnostically labelling or categorising our clients as we understand that many of their problems are caused by survival-based coping strategies, which now are no longer adaptive and do not serve them well. Although, some of our work does involve the request for symptom reduction, our preferred focus of working is to help people recognise, understand and transform the underlying patterns and causes of their problems in order to connect with their unique authentic Self.

We are not currently looking for any new team members